Danny Boyle to Direct Hip-Hop Dance Stage Adaptation of ‘The Matrix’

Danny Boyle has signed on to direct a stage adaptation of The Matrix, which will incorporate hip hop dance choreography into its production. The...

20th Century Studios to Begin Production on “Kingdom of The Planet of The Apes” Next Month

20th Century Studios’ “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes,” starring Owen Teague (“It”), Freya Allen (“The Witcher”) and Peter Macon (“The Orville”), will...


Exclusive Video Interview: May Calamawy and Laith Nakli on ‘Ramy’ Season 3

Check out more of our video interviews on our YouTube channel. Hulu’s Ramy returns for its third season, following its protagonist (Ramy Youssef) as he...

Fantastic Fest / “Living With Chucky” : Exclusive Interview with Director Kyla Elise Gardner 

Synopsis : Filmmaker Kyra Elise Gardner explores the enduring appeal of the "Child's Play" franchise and its iconic killer doll Chucky. Genre: Documentary Original Language: English Director: Kyra Elise...

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NYFF Film Review – ‘Aftersun’ is a Captivating, Intimate Father-Daughter Story

There is a special bond that can exist between a father and daughter. What it looks like depends greatly on a variety of circumstances,...
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