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‘The Zone of Interest’ Film Review – A Disturbingly Normal Portrait of Complicity

One of the benefits of social media and increasingly accessible and advanced technology is that news can be transmitted at rapid speed to the entire world. Atrocities can’t happen as easily without people being made aware of them, though the prominence of misinformation also leads to doubt being sown about whether an image or video…

NYFF Review: Evaluating “The Zone of Interest”

It’s always been important to remember our pasts. online pharmacy buy periactin online with best prices today in the USA Though we’ve always been told we study the past to prevent the same problems from arising again, that never seems to work. Maybe there is a part of us all that somewhere in the back…

Exclusive Video Interview: Director Barry Levinson and Actor Ben Foster on Telling Harry Haft’s Story in ‘The Survivor’

Check out more of our video interviews on our YouTube channel. Harry Haft led an incredible life. He was forced to compete in a ring for the twisted entertainment of Nazi soldiers to survive when he was sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp and later had a career as a boxer in the United States….