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Exclusive Interview With ‘Ripley’ Associate Producer Guja Quaranta

©Courtesy of Netflix, Andrew Scott Guja Quaranta is an experienced producer of film, theatre, television and advertising, who has taken part as associate producer in the limited Showtime/Netflix series Ripley, written, directed and executive produced by Steven Zaillian. The titular character of the show first was introduced by writer Patricia Highsmith in her 1955 novel….

Albert Brooks: Defending My Life | Official Trailer | HBO

HBO has dropped a new trailer for “Albert Brooks: Defending My Life,” the upcoming documentary feature about the iconic stand-up comedian and SNL writer/actor. Since the late 1960s, since the late 1960s, Albert Brooks has been a major force in American comedy with his smart, sometimes absurdist, and truly unique sense of humor. online pharmacy…

SAG-AFTRA Starts Strike Preparations One Week Before Extended Contract Negotiations Deadline

Hollywood actors are starting to prepare for picket planning should negotiations between SAG-AFTRA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) end in a stalemate, Deadline is reporting. If a deal can’t be reached, the actors will enter a strike alongside screenwriters in the WGA. The news comes after SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP…

TV Review: ‘Severance’ Creatively Explores the Drawbacks of Spending Too Much Time at the Office

A proper work-life balance is a difficult thing to achieve. Those who truly love what they do professionally may find it challenging to pull themselves away when they are supposed to be relaxing or spending time with family, and careers that could be rewarding might not be due to the strenuous and unreasonable demands of…