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The Good Nurse : Q&A with Actors Eddie Redmayne, Jessica Chastain, Nnamdi Asomugha and Director Tobias Lindholm

Synopsis : Suspicious that her colleague is responsible for a series of mysterious patient deaths, a nurse risks her own life to uncover the truth in this gripping thriller based on true events. Rating: R Genre: Crime, Drama, Biography Original Language: English Director: Tobias Lindholm Producer: Scott Franklin, Darren Aronofsky, Michael A. Jackman Writer: Krysty…

The Good Nurse, A Hitchcockian Medical Thriller That Brings Down The American Healthcare System

The most prolific serial killer in recorded history was a health worker. Charles Cullen confessed to having caused the death of forty patients during his career as a nurse in New Jersey. Investigations made it clear that the victims were more, and experts estimated that Cullen may ultimately have been responsible for four hundred deaths….