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Film Fest 919 Review – ‘A Hero’ is a Complex Exploration of Morality

The definition of a criminal has many variations. It typically refers to someone who has broken a law, which may or may not be in effect in a neighboring country, state, or city. A person can be held accountable and imprisoned based on local doctrines, though assigning guilt or impure intentions is a murkier matter….

Film Fest 919 Review – ‘C’mon C’mon’ Richly Showcases an Intergenerational Dynamic

Children gravitate towards adults at a young age because they see something comforting and inviting. Spending a great deal of time with an aunt or an uncle or a parent’s close friend can build a close relationship between a child and someone with far more life experience. When the opposite is true and a child…

Film Fest 919 Review – ‘King Richard’ is a Feel-Good Story of Parenthood and Perseverance

Sisters Venus and Serena Williams are two of the most famous – and best – tennis players in the world. Their rise to success is quite the invigorating and involving tale, and it’s one driven by the determination of their parents, particularly their father, Richard. online pharmacy prednisone over the counter with best prices today…