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“Landscape with Invisible Hand”: Q&A with Director Cory Finley on Sci-Fi Drama

The sci-fi genre is often defined by its absurdist nature, as many stories feature alien invaders taking over the planet of their choosing through military might. But the new film, Landscape with Invisible Hand, instead offers a unique, emotionally relatable insight into how people reacts to a slow-onset apocalypse. During that invasion, humanity’s everyday life…

Beau Is Afraid | Official Trailer 2 HD | A24 : Starring  Joaquin, Amy Ryan

Photo by Photo Credit: Takashi Seida/Takashi Seida – © Mommy Knows Best LLC. online pharmacy buy vilitra online with best prices today in the USA A24 has released a new trailer on a highly anticipated Joaquin Phoenix’s latest outing, “Beau is Afraid.” An indie filmmaker Ari Aster has become one of the most exciting writers/directors right now….