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Things I Personally Learned from “Theater Camp”

“Theater Camp“ Director: Molly Gordon, Nick Liebrman Writer: Noah Galvin, Molly Gordon, Nick Lieberman Stars: Ben Platt, Molli Gordon, Noah Galvin Synopsis: The eccentric staff of a rundown theater camp in Upstate New York must band together with the beloved founder’s bro-y son to keep the camp afloat. It’s ok to not outgrow your inner child….

THEATER CAMP | Official Trailer | Searchlight Pictures : Starring Ben Platt, Molly Gordon

Searchlight Pictures has dropped a new trailer for a highly anticipated mockumentary hit from Sundance 2023, “Theater Camp” which sold earlier this year to Searchlight for $8 million. Directed by Nick Lieberman and Molly Gordon, “Theater Camp” transports us to AdirondACTS, the titular rundown camp located in upstate New York.  The mockumentary features lifelong best friends, and…