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A Day at Pixar Studios for Inside Out 2

It has been twelve years since the first time I walked through the gate towered over by a name stuck in the collective imagination: Pixar. On that first occasion, I was invited to the international press presentation of Brave, a feature film that to this day remains one of my favorites among those they produced….

Carl’s Date | Official Trailer : Starring Ed Asner, Bob Peterson

A beloved character Carl Fredricksen from “Up” is floating back to the big screen in a new theatrical short film, “Carl’s Date” which is produced by Pixar Animation Studios.  A new short opening in theaters in front of Disney and Pixar’s “Elemental.” Written and directed by Bob Peterson and produced by Kim Collins, “Carl’s Date”…

Disney Axes Key Employees Including Lightyear Director and Toy Story 2 Producer

Was it an ogre named Iger who cast a bad spell on the Magic Kingdom? Or is the Disney head prudently trying to cut costs in the interests of the bottom line? According to news reports from Reuters, The Walt Disney Company under Bob Iger’s leadership has slashed 7,000 staff positions in the past few…

Lightyear — Buzz’s True Story, The Toy Story Spin-Off Takes Us To Infinity And Beyond

The Toy Story franchise has always shared Woody’s point of view. Today, after almost twenty years, Buzz gets his spotLightyear. This marvellous computer-animated toy saga began back in 1995 with the first Toy Story produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures, that was directed by John Lasseter (at the time it…