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Sundance Review / A Real Pain: Jesse Eisenberg’s Look at History

People want to know about where they come from, especially if all they know about it comes from stories and relayed memories. In his second time directing, Jesse Eisenberg presents a look at the kind of trip that many descendants of Holocaust survivors make, traveling to a European country from which their families were deported…

Toronto International Film Festival Review – ‘In the Rearview’ is a Poignant Time Capsule of a People in Involuntary Transit

One of the great functions of increasingly effective technology is its ability to capture and document what is happening in the world. It becomes more difficult to dismiss an account of an event when there is video evidence, and even if there are those who argue that it can be staged or manipulated, seeing things…

‘Three Minutes: A Lengthening’ Brings the Ghosts of the Holocaust Back to Life

As its title promises, Three Minutes: A Lengthening extends the lives of its unsuspecting characters far beyond the realm of individual memory, offering a poignant and sensitive tribute to so many lives erased by the Holocaust. Bianca Stigter’s cinematic masterwork of style and sensibility now becomes a most worthy addition to the pantheon of films…

“Little Girl In The Red Coat” from Schindler’s List Joins Ukrainian Relief Efforts

The “Girl in Red” has now become the “Girl in Blue and Yellow.” Olivia Dabrowska, the three-year-old whose red-coated appearance in Spielberg’s Schindler’s List (1993) became one of the most iconic images in the history of cinema, has grown up to be one of a growing number of film figures actively assisting in Ukrainian relief efforts….