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Live-Action Series ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ Premieres Worldwide on December 14

More than three decades after “Yu Yu Hakusho” first captured the imagination of readers, the beloved manga gets a live-action adaptation that will debut exclusively on Netflix on December 14. The original manga by the legendary Yoshihiro Togashi made waves when it was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump for four years from 1990. The series…

Netflix Casts Takumi Kitamura as Lead Character in Yu Yu Hakusho Live-Action Manga Adaptation

Netflix has cast Takumi Kitamura in the lead role of its upcoming live-action series adaptation of the classic manga, Yu Yu Hakusho. The actor, who gained experience in the magna genre when he played Takemichi Hanagaki in the live-action film adaptation of Tokyo Revengers, will portray Yusuke Urameshi on the upcoming show, IGN is reporting….