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“The Storms of Jeremy Thomas” : Exclusive Interview with Producer Jeremy Thomas on His Oscar Winning Film, “The Last Emperor” and His Fascination of Japanese Films

Jeremy Thomas is a British film producer, founder and chairman of Recorded Picture Company. He produced Bernardo Bertolucci’s “The Last Emperor,” which won the 1988 Academy Award for Best Picture. He also worked with directors like Wim Wenders, David Cronenberg, Nicolas Roeg, Terry Gilliam, Richard Linklater, Jeremy has worked with many distinguished directors from around the world….

The Storms of Jeremy Thomas, A Subliminal Road Trip With The ‘Producer Of Producers’

The English-born and Northern Irish director and writer, after his exceptional cinematic works — such as the 2011 film The Story of Film: An Odyssey  that was broadcast as 15 one-hour television episodes — returns with a new motion picture. Mark Cousins embarks upon a journey (literally and metaphorically) with one of the most prominent…