“Moonlight Club in Love” Screening at the Columbia University!

“Moonlight Club in Love” Screening at the Columbia University!

The ‘Moonlight Club‘ film series is a fanciful yet touching comedy that will cause you to shed a few tears. It features Hiromi(Hiroyuki Harada) and Shunko(Shunrou Fukuyama), dancers who work at the show pub ‘Moonlight Club’, and Sachie(Chie Hizume), the proprietor of the Soba restaurant ‘Chojuan.’

In 2014, it was first presented in Kyoto as a theatrical production, and it was followed by a series of three-act plays, with a total of 16 productions. In 2021, it was transformed into a movie with the same cast and scenarios.

This production, ‘Moonlight Club in Love‘ (2023), is the third and latest in the series, following the well-received ‘Moonlight Club‘ (2021) and ‘Moonlight Club in Choujuan‘ (2022).

This film was released in 2023 in mini-theaters in Kyoto and Osaka, and set a record of being sold out for eight consecutive days from the first day. Since then, the first two films have also attracted great attention, and all three films are currently being shown in Japan.

New York and Los Angeles will only be showing them for one night.

Screening of the film ”Moonlight Club in LOVE

Date : Thursday, March 28, 7:30 p.m. (Running time 68 minutes)

Location : Chapel on the campus of Columbia University, 1160 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10027

Admission : Free

After the screening, there will be a special talk by the three actors and director.

Goods will be on sale at the venue on the day of the event.

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