“A Very Good Girl” : Exclusive Interview with Actresses Kathryn Bernardo and Dolly De Leon

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Synopsis : After a heartless firing triggers a chain of unfortunate events, Philo (Kathryn Bernardo) plots a meticulous revenge against retail mogul Mother Molly (Dolly de Leon), aiming to dismantle her empire and seize the ultimate payback. This time, there is no mercy.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Mystery & thriller

Original Language: Tagalog

Director: Petersen Vargas

Producer: Carmi Raymundo, John Leo Garcia

Writer: Marionne Dominique Mancol, Daniel Saniana, Jonathan Albano

Release Date (Theaters): Oct 6, 2023

Limited Runtime: 2h 5m

Distributor: Star Cinema

Production Co: ABS-CBN Film Productions

Here’s the trailer of the film.

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