‘Chivalry’ : Exclusive Interview with Co-Creator/Star Sarah Solemani on Her Comedy Series with Steve Coogan

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Actor and writer Sarah Solemani might not be as well known on “this side of the pond,” although she had a key role in Bridget Jones’ Baby a few years back, and she wrote an episode of HBO’s Barry, for which she won a Writers Guild award. 

Now, she’s co-created, written and co-stars in the new streaming series, Chivalry, with Steve Coogan, as the first original comedy on the new free ad-supported premium streamer called “The Network.” Currently, it’s a six-issue limited series set in Hollywood with Coogan playing producer Cameron, who finds himself having to suddenly replace the director on his movie, so he brings on Solemani’s Bobby, as the two of them find themselves dealing with the post-#MeToo movement and what that entails. Besides co-starring Wanda Sykes, there are a lot of fun celebrity cameos from the likes of Sienna Miller, Paul Rudd, John C. Reilly, and more.

Cinema Daily US had a chance to speak with Solemani over Zoom from London (where she’s filming the follow-up to Bridget Jones’ Baby), about her collaboration with Coogan, getting the likes of Sienna Miller on board, and plans for a second season.


Sarah Soleman, Steve Coogan Courtesy of Network

Chivalry : A successful producer and a woke writer and director are brought closer by a creeping attraction and a feeling that they are just pawns in the studio’s agenda for a Saudi Arabian buyout.

Director : Marta Cunningham

Creator : Steve Coogan, Sarah Solemani

Executive Producer : Sarah Solemani, Steve Coogan, Sarah Monteith, Rupert Majendie, Marta Cunningham

Screenwriter : Steve Coogan, Sarah Solemani

Network : The Network/Channel 4

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Original Language : English (United Kingdom)

Release Date : Apr 21, 2022 

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The first two episodes of Chivalry are now available on The Network with two new episodes added every Thursday. You can watch the first ten minutes of the pilot episode below:


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