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Exclusive Video Interview: Joshua Leonard & Jess Weixler on their Hilarious Expectant Parents Comedy ‘Fully Realized Humans’

Everyone says you never truly understand what it’s like to be a parent until you are one, but that doesn’t stop people from giving copious amounts to advice to those who are about to become parents, even and especially if they didn’t ask for it. In Fully Realized Humans, one couple, Elliot (Joshua Leonard) and Jackie (Jess Weixler), get plenty of unsolicited comments at their baby shower, prompting them to make a plan of action to become “fully realized humans” before the baby arrives.

The story of how this film got made is as entertaining as the film itself. Like the film – which runs only seventy-six minutes – the ten minutes or so of this interview wasn’t nearly long enough to hear about how much fun Leonard and Weixler, who also co-wrote the film together (Leonard directed), had making it. You can watch the video below, along with an official summary and where to watch.


Film summary:

People say there’s never a perfect time to have a baby. Jackie (Jess Weixler) and Elliott (Joshua Leonard) beg to differ. There will be a perfect time — just as soon as they’ve fixed all of their own issues and become the kind of people who won’t screw up their own kids the way their parents screwed them up. Realizing that if they want to break their cycles of dysfunction once and for all, they’ll have to confront their deepest fears and greatest shortcomings head-on. With less than a month until their due date, they embark on a madcap mission to become FULLY REALIZED HUMANS. This crusade will push them to the edge of sanity, forcing them to battle with themselves, each other, their friends, and even their families. When the smoke clears, they’ll either be the world’s greatest parents… or they’ll be institutionalized.

Here’s the trailer for the film:

Fully Realized Humans opens via Gravitas Ventures on VOD on Friday, July 30th.

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