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Sometimes I Think About Dying : Interview with Director Rachel Lambert and Co-Star Dave Merheje

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Normally, when you see a title like, Sometimes I Think About Dying, you might expect that you’re in for a dark and dreary theater experience. And while there are series themes and situations that take place in Sometimes I Think About Dying, it is a very quirky and light fare with a very subtle and nuanced performance from Daisy Ridley.

We had some time to talk with Director Rachel Lambert and co-star Dave Merheje about all the pieces that need to be put together to deliver such a focused film. Whether it was pulling from personal experiences of working in a living, breathing environment instead of a set, we get down to brass tacks about living while thinking about dying.

Sometimes I think About Dying

Synopsis : Lost on the dreary Oregon coast, Fran finds solace in her cubicle, listening to the constant hum of officemates and occasionally daydreaming to pass the time. She is ghosting through life, unable to pop her bubble of isolation, when a friendly new coworker, Robert, persistently tries to connect with her. Though it goes against every fiber of her being, she may have to give this guy a chance.

Rating: PG-13 (Brief Drug Material|Thematic Material|Some Language)

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance

Original Language: English

Director: Rachel Lambert

Producer: Alex Saks, Daisy Ridley, Dori A. Rath, Lauren Beveridge, Brett Beveridge

Writer: Kevin Armento, Stefanie Abel Horowitz, Katy Wright-Mead

Release Date (Theaters):  Limited


Distributor: Oscilloscope Laboratories

Production Co: Sweet Tomato Films, Mirror Image Films, Saks Picture Company, Point Productions

Here’s the trailer of the film. 

Matthew Schuchman
Matthew Schuchman
In the early 90s, while at the video store with his friends who wanted to rent Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead, Matthew asked the clerk if they had any copies of Naked Lunch available. A film buff from an early age, he would turn his fascination into his own review site in 2010; Movie Review from Gene Shalit’s Moustache. From there, he provided his voice to such publications as Den of Geek, Coming Soon, and Verbicide magazine as a film reviewer and talent interviewer.


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