Tokyo Vice : Exclusive Interview with Actor Sho Kasamatsu

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Synopsis : In 1999, American journalist Jake Adelstein has relocated to Tokyo and must pass a written exam in Japanese to have the chance to join the staff of a major Japanese newspaper. He succeeds in becoming their first foreign-born journalist and starts at the very bottom. Taken under the wing of a veteran detective in the Vice Squad, he starts to explore the dark and dangerous world of the Japanese Yakuza whilst living under the city’s official line that “murder does not happen in Tokyo”.

Sho Kasamatsu : Show Kasamatsu moved to Tokyo in 2011 to become an actor and has been genuinely engaged in show business career from 2013. In 4 years 2018~2021, he has appeared in 52 dramas. In 2019, he was awarded as the first place among Japanese male actors by the number of movie and drama appearances respectively. I’m He was also ranked No.1 in the Toyo Keizai’s ranking of “Unexpected Actors Most Supported by the Production Field Today”. He was selected by the director Michael Mann at the audition to play the main character SATO in TOKYO VICE. This drama was co-produced by WOWOW and HBO Max.

Tokyo Vice

Synopsis :

Tokyo Vice season 2 episode 1, “Don’t Ever F**king Miss”
“As Jake, Katagiri and Samantha pursue the truth about Polina, Sato clings to life — but not all of the Chihara-kai are hoping for his full recovery.”

Tokyo Vice season 2 episode 2, “Be My Number One”
“As Jake and Katagiri seek new meaning at work, Samantha confronts a thief in her club, and Chihara-kai welcome a returning member.”

Tokyo Vice season 2 episode 3, “Old Laws, New Twist”
“Katagiri and Ngata ramp up their efforts. Jake gets invited to an exclusive party. Samantha and Sato deal with growing problem at the club.”

Tokyo Vice season 2 episode 4, “Like a New Man”
“As the new yakuza task force takes off, Ishida calls a summit. While Sato and Hayama join forces, Katagiri and Jake investigate a mysterious return.”

Tokyo Vice season 2 episode 5, “Illness of the Trade”
“After a disastrous setback, Sato and Hayama strategize a way forward. Jake and Katagiri pursue their target, and try not to land in his crosshairs.” lan Poul, Emily Gerson Saines, Destin Daniel Cretton, Ken Watanabe, Michael Mann, Jake Adelstein, Kayo Washio, Brad Caleb Kane

Network : Max

Rating : TV-MA

Genre : Crime, Drama, Mystery & Thriller

Original Language : English

Release Date : Season 2, Feb 8th, 2022

Here’s the trailer of the Series. 

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