Tribeca Festival : A Mistake : Exclusive Interview with Director Christine Jeffs

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Christine Jeffs is a New Zealand-born director, editor, and screenwriter. Jeffs has a 2018 master’s degree in fine arts from the University of Auckland, examining the relationship between a photographer and their subject. She began her career by working locally in post-production, most notably as an assistant film editor. Afterwards, Jeffs went on to attend the Australian Film, Television and Radio School, located in Sydney, Australia. Jeffs obtained a diploma in film editing in 1990, after which she held the position of assistant editor on three feature-length films: Ruby and Rata (1990), Crush (1992), and Absent Without Leave (1992). She is best known for directing the films Rain, Sylvia, and Sunshine Cleaning. Jeffs is also known for her work on television commercials.

A Mistake




















A Mistake : Elizabeth is a gifted surgeon—the only female consultant at her hospital. But while operating on a young woman, something goes horribly wrong. In the midst of a new scheme to publicly report surgeons’ performance, her colleagues begin to close ranks, and Elizabeth’s life is thrown into disarray. Tough and abrasive, Elizabeth has survived and succeeded in this most demanding field. But can she survive a single mistake?

Director :Christine Jeffs

Producer : Matthew Metcalfe, Christine Jeffs

Screenwriter : Christine Jeffs

Genre : Drama

Original Language : English

Runtime : 1h 41m

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