Tribeca: Interview with Delaney Buffett and Katie Corwin; Best Friends aka Director/Co-Writers/Stars Duo on ‘Adult Best Friends’

Tribeca: Interview with Delaney Buffett and Katie Corwin; Best Friends aka Director/Co-Writers/Stars Duo on ‘Adult Best Friends’

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As we grow older and our lives become more complex, we inevitably learn that preserving childhood friendships requires more than just moments of laughter. Responsibilities and circumstances lead us down different paths, and when we reflect on how far apart those paths have diverged, we ponder how it happened.

In Adult Best Friends, Delaney and Katie, two lifelong friends in their thirties, confront a pivotal moment in their decades-long relationship when Katie plans a girls’ trip to gently break news of her engagement to her bestie who has been disapproving of it. In the face of sharing an uncomfortable truth with a person whose opinions are most valuable, what is meant to strengthen their bond turns into a test of true friendship.

The zippy and bracing dramedy about two women grappling with the transition into midlife steadiness was premiered at the 23rd Tribeca Film Festival last week, with the lauded appearance of the director/co-writers/stars Delaney Buffett and Katie Corwin, who have  been childhood best friends themselves. Both assuming dual (or even triple) creative roles, Buffett and Corwin drew inspiration for the film from their own relationship, assembling a cast and crew largely comprised of their close-knit circle of friends.

Creating a film with friends, as emotionally challenging and unpredictable as maintaining old friendships, is a unique journey in itself. During a red-carpet interview, the duo shared insights into their collaborative process and how they balanced friendship with partnership.

Adult Best Friends

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Exclusive Interview with Co-Directors/Co-Writers/Stars Delaney Buffett and Katie Corwin

Q: Were there any moments during your collaboration where you faced conflicts in creative vision? How did you resolve them?

Corwin: “We usually see eye-to-eye. When we don’t, our shorthand helps us quickly get on the same page. Having Delaney as the director made it comfortable because there’s no one I trust more, so conflicts were rare in that sense.”

Buffett: “In our partnership, we each have strengths and weaknesses that complement each other. Knowing each other for so long helps us pick up the slack where the other may fall short.”

Q: Since the film draws from your own friendship, how much of the story is based on real-life anecdotes?

Buffett: “The characters may be exaggerated versions of ourselves, but the emotional journey and undertones are similar to our experiences. The plot itself is fictional, though.”

The director-writer duo’s creative shorthand is evident in their decades-long bond, making the characters of Delaney and Katie resonate on screen with a pitch and rhythm only close friends can achieve. Whether they’re joking, gossiping, or bickering, their rapport reflects the trust, need, and care they’ve built over 20 years.

Adult Best Friends

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