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Willie and Me : Exclusive Interview with Director Eva Haßmann

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Music means different things to different people. For some, hearing a specific song or artist at a specific time in their life can change the way they think. Those feelings can stay with you for a long time, too. And when you have a chance to celebrate a milestone with said artist, you will do anything to be present.

Eva Haßmann, a Writer, Director, Producer, Star of the indie film Willie and Me wanted to explore that scenario with an artist that has meant so much to her, Willie Nelson. The indie comedy is now available for all to see after taking years to complete. We sat with the multi-hyphenate to discuss bringing this story to life.

Eva’s profile : Born in Herford, Germany, four year old Eva moved from Bad Salzuflen to the City of Braunfels. By the age of nine she moved on to Oldenburg and took ballet, tapdance and singing lessons.

During that time Eva joined a free theater group. She had various parts, among others she played the role of “Nora” in Hendrik Ibsen’s play “Puppenheim” (doll’s house) and the role of “Prudence” in Christopher Durang’s play “Therapie Zwecklos” (therapy futile) at the Staatstheater Oldenburg.

After she finished school with the Abitur, Eva went to Berlin and lived there for three years. During this time she was able to get her first television and movie roles.

Willie and Me
 Synopsis : In Willie and Me, Greta Weingarten (Eva Haßmann) is a housewife who is trapped in a stagnant marriage. One evening while serving dinner to her successful but bland husband, she hears a radio announcement about Willie Nelson’s farewell concert. Through his music, she is transported back to her disjointed childhood. Greta is suddenly overwhelmed by the need to see Willie Nelson and will do whatever it takes to be at his last concert in Las Vegas. She takes off on her journey, leaving behind the husband and comfortable life she knows. With everything against her, but so much ahead, she realizes that the return ticket becomes her heaviest piece of luggage.
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Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Drama

Original Language: English

Director: Eva Haßmann

Producer: Eva Haßmann

Writer: Eva Haßmann

Release Date (Theaters):   Limited

Release Date (Streaming): 


Distributor: Quiver Distribution

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Here’s the trailer of the film. 

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