“The Crow” Film Starts At Penzing Studios

“The Crow” Film Starts At Penzing Studios

The Crow” reboot was in development over a decade ago from Relativity in 2011, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo was initially attached to direct, Bradley Cooper was supposed to star, and since then, the Weinstein company fought over the distribution rights and settled. Actor Jack Huston and Luke Evans were dropped out, and director Corin Hardy and actor Jason Momoa were dropped out when Relativity filed for bankruptcy again in 2018. 

Then, “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders saved the project by jumping on the directorial chair for the reboot of 1994 cult classic which will become the first major international production to shoot at the just-opened Penzing Studios. “The Crow” reboot star Bill Skarsgård, has revealed its filming locations in The Hollywood Reporter. 

The studio was located on a former air force base, which is 30 miles west of Munich, Germany, currently expanding complex plans to convert the former airplane hangars into 12 soundstages with a total of 270,000 square feet of production space. It has several sets, including a fully equipped hospital and a square mile of backlot.

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All virtual production on “The Crow” will be done at Penzing, with location shoots in Prague and Munich. 

The story follows a man (Bill Skarsgard) and his fiancee (FKA Twigs) who are assaulted and killed by a gang after the couple’s car breaks down. The man is resurrected by a crow and exacts vengeance on those who took the pair’s lives.

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The Crow” was created by James O’Barr and first appeared in a comic collection titled “Caliber Presents” #1 in 1989. Danny Huston co-stars. Produced by Hadida, Molly Hassell, John Jencks and Edward R.

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Bill Skarsgard, going from a character like Pennywise in the “IT” films to this one, seems to undergo an intriguing transformation of another iconic character. Finally, everything goes in the right direction. 

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