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‘Action’ to Explore the World of Hollywood Stunt Performers, via David Leitch and Kelly McCormick

Action, the aptly named title of a new series about Hollywood stunt performers, is being executive-produced by David Leitch and Kelly McCormick via Universal Pictures Content Group.

The series will offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the real lives of the often unnamed men and women who create some of the most memorable action scenes on the silver screen. Included will be exclusive footage from recent films, including The Fall Guy, the action-thriller with Ryan Gosling that was also produced by the Leitch-McCormick duo.

Leitch has a personal interest in all this, given his own background as a stunt performer in such movies as The Bourne Ultimatum and The Matrix franchise. He’s also directed a number of action-thrillers, including Atomic Blonde and Deadpool 2.

Press reports indicate that stars like Gosling and Keanu Reeves will be interviewed in the upcoming series, which is already in post-production via Leitch and McCormick’s 87North company.

Describing the venture, Leitch was quoted in Variety as saying: “My first loves are action films, and the backbone of this genre are the stunt performers who bring their kinetic magic to the screen. Kelly and I are excited to finally shine the spotlight on these unsung, unseen heroes of Hollywood and celebrate the stunt community with Action.”

Leitch’s comments were echoed by Helen Parker, executive vice president of the Universal Pictures Content Group, who was also quoted as saying: “There is absolutely no one better to work with when it comes to stunts and action movies, so we are thrilled that David and Kelly have been willing to secure such unprecedented access into the lives of their incredible teams who are unequivocally the best in the business. This documentary series gives a fascinating insight into the people behind the action; we get to meet some amazing characters and learn about what brought them to Hollywood and what they had to sacrifice in order to achieve success.”

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Edward Moran
Edward Moran
Edward Moran began his journalistic career many decades ago as a theater and cinema reviewer for Show Business and the New York Theater Review. More recently he contributed film reviews to and Movie Sleuth. His writings have appeared in publications as diverse as the Times Literary Supplement, Publishers Weekly, the Paris Review, and the Massachusetts Review. Moran also edited a memoir by Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker Christine Choy. He served as literary advisor to her film Hyam Plutzik: American Poet, which was the keynote film in the American Perspectives series at the 2007 Zebra Poetry Film Festival in Berlin.


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