Community Donations Save Ghibli Museum

Community Donations Save Ghibli Museum
Studio Ghibli

The future of Mitaka’s Ghibli Museum was, like many other businesses around the globe, affected during the pandemic, not looking bright a few months ago.

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Its closures between February and July of 2020 and April and June of 2021 meant considerable lost revenue, and there is maintenance and repairs that also need to be done. Fortunately, according to Kotaku, a crowdfunding drive has been wildly successful, ensuring that the Museum will continue to remain funded and keep up its quality.

The city of Mitaka had previously given the museum a grant, but that was not enough to keep the museum afloat.

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To make up the difference, the city launched a crowdfunding campaign encouraging 5,000 yen ($45) donations from Japanese residents that could be tax write-offs. The goal of 10 million yen ($90,000) was met within twenty-four hours, and, as of this writing, the campaign has made an impressive 23,648,735 yen, which amounts to over $215,000.

The Ghibli Museum was originally opened in 2001.

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Admission to the museum is by advance reservation only. The current exhibition is titled “Sketch, Flash, Spark!” and looks at the history of the museum and the works of Hayao Miyazaki, as well as a Baby Cat Bus experience. Studio Ghibli was founded in 1985 and has produced over twenty feature films, including the Oscar-winning Spirited Away and its most recent entry, Earwig and the Witch.

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