Edgar Wright Reportedly in Talks to Direct ‘Barbarella’ Remake

Edgar Wright Reportedly in Talks to Direct ‘Barbarella’ Remake

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Edgar Wright is reportedly in talks with Sony to direct a remake of the 1968 Barbarella cult classic that starred Jane Fonda. Potential scriptwriters Jane Goldman and Honey Ross, a mother-daughter team, may also be involved in the negotiations, reports Deadline.

Wright’s directorial credits include Baby Driver, Hot Fuzz, Last Night in Soho, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and Shaun of the Dead. In his next project, he will direct Glen Powell in a film adaptation for Paramount Pictures of Stephen King’s The Running Man.
Goldman’s screenwriting credits include scripts for Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class and the Kingsman franchise. Her daughter worked on the BBC One series Everything I Know About Love.

Sydney Sweeney’s most recent movie appearances were in the starring roles of Anyone But You and Madame Web, both for Sony. Though the latter film garnered only lukewarm reviews, she credits it for advancing her screen career.

“To me, that film was a building block, it’s what allowed me to build a relationship with Sony,” Sweeney was quoted as saying. “Without doing Madame Web I wouldn’t have a relationship with the decision-makers over there. Everything in my career I do not just for that story, but strategic business decisions. Because I did that, I was able to sell Anyone But You. I was able to get Barbarella.”

The Barbarella story was adapted from a comic series by French author-illustrator Jean-Claude Forest. The 1968 film starring Jane Fonda has since become a cult classic, appreciated for its campiness as well as its sci-fi credentials in portraying the adventures of Barbarella trying to track down Duran Duran, an evil scientist bent on destroying humanity. Plot details have not yet been revealed for the upcoming reboot.

Jane Fonda, now 88, shows no signs of slowing down. Her three most recent films include 80 for Brady, Moving On, and Book Club: The Next Chapter.

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