Elizabeth Olsen Confirms WandaVision Won’t Receive a Second Season

Elizabeth Olsen Confirms WandaVision Won’t Receive a Second Season

Elizabeth Olsen has revealed that WandaVision will not be returning for a second season. While participating in an “Actor on Actor” interview with Kaley Cuoco for Variety, Olsen confirmed her hit superhero show will remain a limited series, as originally planned.

Audiences hoped that the Marvel comedy-drama, which starred Olsen and Paul Bettany as Wanda Maximoff and Vision, would continue its story in a sophomore season. The action show received praise for its use of subverting sitcom references to explore grief from critics and fans alike, who hoped to see the story continue on Disney+.

But Olsen pointed out that the comedy-drama was conceived as a limited series to explore supporting characters in the MCU, and features a self-contained story arc. While she also commented that “with Marvel, you can never say ‘no,’” she then pointed to the fact that at the end of the series, her character realizes her truth as a complicated anti-hero, and sees the suburban facade of Westview fading away.

WandaVision, which won four awards last month at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, was originally scheduled to premiere later in the MCU. However, Marvel had to change its scheduling plans, due to COVID-19. The nine-episode show now directly sets up Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which is scheduled to be released next year. The sequel to 2016’s Doctor Strange will feature Olsen reprising her role  as Wanda/Scarlet Witch, and continuing her character’s story.

While the MCU limited series may be over, Olsen also told Cuoco, who’s currently starring on HBO’s The Flight Attendant, that she hasn’t ruled out appearing on another show. “The thing that I learned through WandaVision is I love doing television,” the BAFTA Award-nominated actress explained. “I think this six-month experience of really hard work with the same people (on a show) is exhausting, (but) it just feels really good.
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