French Director Leos Carax’s Next Project: ‘It’s Not Me,’ an Autobiopic

French Director Leos Carax’s Next Project: ‘It’s Not Me,’ an Autobiopic

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French director Leos Carax’s next project, It’s Not Me, is an autobiographical film that will star Denis Lavant, who has been the leading man in several of his previous movies, including Boy Meets Girl, Bad Blood, Lovers on the Bridge, and Holy Motors. It’s also been rumored that Adam Driver may be involved.

It’s Not Me focuses its lens on four decades of Carax’s cinematic career. The film is anticipated to debut sometime later in 2024. It will be distributed in France and represented globally by Les Films du Losange, which describes it as a “free-form film” and a “cut-up.”

Cinematographer Annette Caroline Champetier, who lent her talents to Carax’s Annette and Holy Motors, will again do the honors for this upcoming autobiopic. Also rejoining the team will be Charles Gillibert of CG Cinema, who had produced Annette, the award-winning English-language musical drama that won Carax a César Award as best director.

Carax recently told the Festival du Cina de Lima that It’s Not Me would be a cinematic “essay” that will examine his evolution as an auteur in the context of French political and cultural developments. With a run time of less than an hour, it will mirror Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s new film Chime, which is only 45 minutes long.

It’s unclear whether Juliette Binoche will appear in It’s Not Me. The actress had appeared in several of Carax’s earlier films, including Mauvais Sang (1986), Les Amants du Pont-Neuf (1991), and Sans Titre (1997). The prolific Binoche is currently starring in Trần Anh Hùng’s The Taste of Things and in The New Look, a fashion drama for Apple TV+. She’s also shooting The Return, an adaptation of Homer’s The Odyssey being made by Uberto Pasolini.

The 63-year-old Carax was born as Alex Christophe Dupont to an American mother and a French father. After writing film criticism and making a series of short films, he attracted critical acclaim with the release of Boy Meets Girl (1984).

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