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Gerald Butler Suing Over ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ Profits

The second major Hollywood lawsuit in just a few days has been filed by actor Gerald Butler, but his concerns have nothing to do with the nature of his film’s release or the pandemic. Instead, his complaint dates back to a 2013 film, Olympus Has Fallen, which Butler alleges had its profits grossly understated, depriving him of at least $10 million in owed compensation, according to Deadline.

Interestingly, Butler’s suit comes well into the run of the film’s franchise, which has since spawned sequels London Has Fallen, in 2016, and Angel Has Fallen, in 2019, with another entry, Night Has Fallen, currently in development at Lionsgate. Butler portrays Secret Service agent Mike Bannon, who always seems to be in the right place at the right time to help protect the President of the United States from whatever terrorist or team mistakenly believe themselves to be a match for him.

Though the original film grossed $170.3 million, Butler and G-Base Entertainment contend that he has not seen any of those profits. The complaint, filed against Nu Image, Millennium Film, and Padre Nuestro Productions, asks for a jury trial due to “fraud, breach of contract, breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, intentional interference with contractual relations and accounting” and claims that producers’ senior executives were paid $8 million that was not reported.

The lawsuit states that “Producers have earned tens of millions of dollars from Olympus, but refuse to pay Butler a penny of the profits promised to him in the parties’ agreement…Producers embarked on a scheme designed to grossly misrepresent the finances of the Film to Butler, so that Butler would believe that no such payments were due… It appears the Producers’ modus operandi is to hide the profits from Olympus in order to keep those profits for themselves.”

Abe Friedtanzer
Abe Friedtanzer
Abe Friedtanzer is a film and TV enthusiast who spent most of the past fifteen years in New York City. He has been the editor of and since 2007, and has been predicting the Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes, and SAG Awards since he was allowed to stay up late enough to watch them. He has attended numerous film festivals including Sundance, Tribeca, and SXSW, and is a contributing writer for The Film Experience, Awards Radar, and AwardsWatch.


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