Golden Globes to Return to NBC in January

Golden Globes to Return to NBC in January

After a television blackout last year, the Golden Globes will once again be broadcast on NBC in January, marking the 80th anniversary of the prestigious award ceremony.

Due to a controversy over diversity and ethics issues, the 2022 event was not televised, but the producers now say that the issues have been resolved, at least for the coming year. NBC had withdrawn its coverage of the 2022 ceremony in the wake of charges that the HFPA lacked diversity and that some of its members had received financial perks for an “Emily in Paris” junket.

According to a statement released on Tuesday by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, dick clark productions, and NBC have announced the show will be back on the small screen on Tuesday January 10, 2023. The Tuesday date was chosen to avoid conflicts with NFL and NCAA sporting events.

The new deal is part of a “one-year agreement, which allows the HFPA and dcp to explore new opportunities for domestic and global distribution across a variety of platforms in the future,” said the show’s producers.

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In announcing the new arrangement, HFPA president Helen Hoehne was quoted as saying that “the HFPA remains committed to important changes and supporting programs which prioritize diversity, inclusion, and transparency.” Francis Berwick, who chairs entertainment networks for NBCUniversal television and streaming, affirmed the decision, acknowledging “HFPA’s commitment to ongoing change.”

The HFPA also pledged to commit itself to “diversity, equity, and inclusion” in its everyday operations. Over the past year, the HFPA has added 103 new voters to its ranks, which it now claims to be “52% female, 51.
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5% racially and ethnically diverse, with 19.5% Latinx, 12% Asian, 10% Black and 10% Middle Eastern.
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It remains to be seen how the newly constituted body will vote on the 2023 nominees, which are to be announced on December 12.

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