Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘How Do You Live’ is 125 Minutes

Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘How Do You Live’ is 125 Minutes

We are only 2 month away until the Japanese theatrical release of a highly anticipated Hayao Miyazaki’s latest film, “How Do You Live?” which is 10 years after his last film, “The Wind Rise. Now, according to World of Reel, Studio Ghibli head Toshio Suzuki has confirmed that the film will be 125 minutes long. 

Director Miyazaki announced his retirement after the release of the 2013 film “The Wind Rises,” but retracted his statement in 2017. His latest film, “How Do You Live?” is a newly created original story that borrows the title from the novel of the same name by Genzaburo Yoshino, published in 1938, which Director Miyazaki was so moved by when he read it as a boy.

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Since the content is completely different, it appears that the original story and screenplay will also be written by Hayao Miyazaki.

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However, despite the fact that less than two months have passed before the release of the film, it has not gained any momentum when it comes to publicity of this film, but Toshio Suzuki, the representative director and producer of Studio Ghibli told the media at the preview of “Animage and Ghibli Exhibition” on last December that he won’t disclose any plot points prior to the release date July 24th in 2023, just like the same promotional strategy with Japanese anime film,  “THE FIRST SLAM DUNK“, which was not disclosed in any synopsis in advance.

A few months ago, the Cannes director Thierry Frémaux told World of Reel that he tried as hard as he could to get Hayao Miyazaki’s “How Do You Live in competition, but it seems as though Miyazaki just doesn’t want to do film festivals at all. Not even Venice. It seems that Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli are perfectly content in having their latest outing to the Japanese public before the rest of the world, just as they have done with almost every other film in the past.

How Do You Live” will be released on July 14th in Japan. It is now a high possibility that Miyazaki will skip the Venice Film Festival entirely. No US release date has been set for the film, but signs are pointing towards a fall release.

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