‘House Of Ninjas’ Star Kento Kaku & Director Dave Boyle Launch Production Company Signal181

‘House Of Ninjas’ Star Kento Kaku & Director Dave Boyle Launch Production Company Signal181

After the success of Netflix’s “House of Ninja,” a creator Dave Boyle and Actor/Executive producer Kento Kaku decided to team up again to start the new production company, Signal181, Kaku announced his production on Instagram. 

The company’s name combines with the country codes of Japan (+81) and the United States (+1) which can develop and co-produced projects with global partners, creating some of original movie and TV series for streaming and broadcast as well as theatrical titles.

On his Instagram, Kaku stated, “We are pleased to announce the establishment of the video production company SIGNAL181 with Mr. Dave Boyle. Together with Dave, I look forward to bringing never-before-seen original stories to the world, made with boundless creative freedom, along with my comrade-in-arms Dave, who I first met on “House of Ninjas.” We are already on the move.”

On the other hand, Boyle added the comment, “Even while making “House of Ninjas,” Kento and I were constantly trading new ideas and coming up with new stories, so I knew I didn’t want this collaboration to be a one-and-done, Signal181 is like our own personal laboratory to cultivate the ideas we’re both passionate about — the irresistible stories that fit our common interests. I can’t wait to share what we’ve been cooking up.”

House of the Ninja” tells the story of a group of ninjas in the modern age. Upon its release on February 15th this year, it became a worldwide sensation, ranking first in the weekly global Top 10 (non-English series) in its second week and hitting the Top Ten in over 90 countries.

Kaku was asked about his future plans during a guest appearance on Fuji Television’s ‘Dareka to Nakai‘ and stated that his goal is to establish a system similar to a production company. “Making it more convenient to create and systematize, and if it becomes a common practice and spreads, I believe I can generate much more entertainment.”

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