‘Godzilla Minus One’ Won the Best Picture at Japanese Academy Awards

‘Godzilla Minus One’ Won the Best Picture at Japanese Academy Awards

The 47th Japanese Academy Awards ceremony, a gathering of the Japanese film industry, was held at the Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa in Tokyo l on March 8th, “Godzilla Minus One” was nominated in twelve categories at the Japanese Academy Awards, and it just took most of them home including the Best Picture.

The following awards were handed to Godzilla Minus One this week. 

Best Picture : “Godzilla Minus One”
Best Animated Film: “The Boy and Heron” (Director: Hayao Miyazaki)
Best Director: Wim Wenders (“Perfect Days”)
Best Screenplay: Takashi Yamazaki (“Godzilla Minus One”)
Best Actor : Koji Yakusho (“PERFECT DAYS”)
Best Actress : Sakura Ando (“Monster”)
Best Supporting Actor : Yuto Isomura (Moon)
Best Supporting Actress: Sakura Ando (“Godzilla Minus One”)
Best Cinematography: Kozo Shibasaki (“Godzilla Minus One”)
Best Lighting: Nariyuki Ueda (“Godzilla Minus One”)
Best Music: Hiromi Uehara (“BLUE GIANT”)
Best Art Direction: Yasusato Kamijo (“Godzilla Minus One”)
Best Sound Recording : Hisashi Takeuchi (“Godzilla Minus One”)
Best Editing: Ryuji Miyajima (“Godzilla Minus One”)
Best Foreign Film : “Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One”

The rave review continues among U.S Critics, the film scored 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, Oliver Jones of “Observer” said, “Director Takashi Yamazaki, a seasoned special effects supervisor, brings the story back to its original post-war roots—and brings back a sense of spectacle.”  The film stars Ryunosuke Kamiki, Minami Hamabe, Yuki Yamada, Munetaka Aoki, Hidetaka Yoshioka, Sakura Ando, and Kuranosuke Sasaki, with music by Naoki Sato.

Hamabe, who played Noriko Oishi in “Godzilla Minus One,” appeared as a candidate for the Best Leading Actress Award. She and Kamiki, who co-starred in the same movie, have appeared in many of the same films, including the NHK TV series “Ranman,” in which they played a married couple, and she expressed her gratitude, saying “I am really happy to be able to work with you every time because your heart helps me to relax when I am nervous too.

In contrast to Hamabe, who expressed her honest feelings, Kamiki said, “I took great care not to offend her as much as possible, and I tried my best to read her mind and her feelings.” Hamabe responded, “No, that’s not the right way to put it. I was prepared for the possibility that he might hate me and say, “I’m not going to shoot with you,” so I was very happy that he greeted me with a smile today as well.”(lol)

The late composer Ryuichi Sakamoto and Godzilla Minus One’s late producer Shuji Abe received the Chairman’s Special Award. Actor Yuki Yamada (Man Goku in live-action Kingdom, Ken “Doraken” Ryūgūji in live-action Tokyo Revengers, Shirō Mizushima in Godzilla Minus One) won the Popularity Award in the actor division.

Tokyo Laboratory which shut down on November 30 after 68 years of operation, won a Special Award. The company had worked on video editing, film development, and archiving on numerous anime.

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