Japanese Actor Koji Yakusho Won Best Actor at Cannes for “Perfect Days” by German Director Wim Wenders

Japanese Actor Koji Yakusho Won Best Actor at Cannes for “Perfect Days” by German Director Wim Wenders

Director Justine Triet’s courtroom drama, “Anatomy of a Fall” won the Palme d’Or at the 76th Cannes Film Festival. 

Anatomy of a Fall” is only the third film directed by a woman to win the Palme d’Or, following Julia Ducournau, who took the Palme for “Titane in 2021. Jane Campion was the first-ever female Palme d’Or winner in 1993 with “The Piano.”

The film stars Sandra Hüller as a writer trying to prove her innocence in her husband’s death. Cannes’ Grand Prix, its second prize, went to Jonathan Glazer’s “The Zone of Interest,” a chilling Martin Amis adaptation about a German family living next door to Auschwitz.

Jane Fonda presented this year’s top prize, she reflected that when she first attended the Cannes festival, back in the 1970s, “There were no women directors competing at that time, and it never even occurred to us that there was something wrong with that.

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We’ve come a long way.”

Japanese actor Koji Yakusho won best actor at Cannes for “Perfect Days” by German director Wim Wenders, a touching tale about a Tokyo toilet cleaner. Turkey’s Merve Dizdar won best actress for “About Dry Grasses”, the latest from festival favorite Nuri Bilge Ceylan. Tran Anh Hung won best director for “The Pot-au-Feu.”

There was an incredible out-of-competition premiere for the new Indiana Jones movie, with an 80-year-old Harrison Ford getting weepy when he received an honorary Palme d’Or.

Martin Scorsese, also 80, premiered his much-anticipated Native American epic “Killers of the Flower Moon” with Robert De Niro, 79.

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European auteurs Marco Bellocchio, 83, Wim Wenders, 77, and Victor Erice, 82, all brought new films.

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Full list of prizes below.

Palme d’Or: “Anatomy of a Fall,” Justine Triet

Grand Prix: “The Zone of Interest,” Jonathan Glazer

Director: Tran Anh Hung, “The Pot au Feu”

Actor: Kōji Yakusho, “Perfect Days”

Actress: Merve Dizdar, “About Dry Grasses”

Jury Prize: “Fallen Leaves,” Aki Kaurismaki

Screenplay: Sakamoto Yûji, “Monster”


Camera d’Or: “Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell,” Thien An Pham

Short Films Palme d’Or: “27,” Flóra Anna Buda.

Short Films Special Mention: “Fár,” Gunnur Martinsdóttir Schlüter

Golden Eye Documentary Prize: TBA

Queer Palm: “Monster”


Un Certain Regard Award: “How to Have Sex,” Molly Manning Walker

Jury Prize: “Hounds,” Kamal Lazraq

Best Director Prize: “The Mother of All Lies,” Asmae El Moudir

Freedom Prize: “Goodbye Julia,” Mohamed Kordofani

Ensemble Prize: “The Buriti Flower,” João Salaviza, Renée Nader Messora, cast and crew

New Voice Prize: “Omen,” Baloji


Europa Cinemas Label: “Creatura,” Elena Martín

Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers Prize: “A Prince,” Pierre Creton


Grand Prize: “Tiger Stripes,” Amanda Nell Eu

French Touch Prize: “It’s raining in the house,” Paloma Sermon-Daï

GAN Foundation Award for Distribution: Pyramide Films, “Inshallah a boy”

Louis Roederer Foundation Rising Star Award: Jovan Ginić, “Lost Country”

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