Japanese Duo KinKi Kids’ Tsuyoshi Domoto to Leave Ex-Johnny & Associates

Japanese Duo KinKi Kids’ Tsuyoshi Domoto to Leave Ex-Johnny & Associates

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Tsuyoshi Domoto (44) made an announcement on his fan club website on March 22 that he would be departing from his agency SMILE-UP.com (formerly known as Johnny & Associates).

According to his Instagram post, he has decided to terminate his contract with his agency on March 31, 2024, when it renews, and moving on to a different field in his life.To continue my career as an artist, I felt it necessary to make a significant change in my environment. I will value every day of my one and only life, and I will continue to live it to its fullest potential. I will enter into a new phase of life with gratitude in my heart.”

He joined Johnny’s Office (now SMILE-UP) in 1991 and has been performing as KinKi Kids with Koichi Domoto (45) since 1993. On their fan club website, they announced that they are not thinking of breaking up. We are maintaining a good time with everyone by discussing and respecting each other’s thoughts and feelings.” According to a source, they plan to continue their activities as a duo.

 In 2017, he diagnosed with sudden hearing loss in their left ear, temporarily limiting their stage activities. At the Tokyo Dome concert last December, he said, “I am constantly thinking about how I can connect the time I can spend with all of you like this every day. I long to be with all of you in a beautiful future with a strong emotion,” he cried. In January of this year, he made headlines when he announced his marriage to Momoiro Clover Z’s Kanako Momota (29) in a surprise announcement.

 Last October, the Johnny’s office changed its name to SMILE-UP. in response to the sexual assault scandal involving its founder, Mr. Johnny Kitagawa (who died in 2019). The talent will belong to the company on a temporary basis, and all those who wish to join will be transferred to the new company, STARTO ENTERTAINMENT. 

He has been planning to leave the agency since last year and decided to go independent when his contract with the agency was up for renewal, and will continue her solo activities such as “ENDRECHERI” with her personal agency after April. Her official website will be opened on April 11.

And Tsuyoshi’s long time partner, Koichi Domoto of KinKi Kids updated his blog on a website, on the same day, he wrote about his feelings toward Tsuyoshi Domoto, Koichi wrote, “I don’t want to spread only speculation, so I’ll tell the current situation from my own mouth as well,” and added, “What we have in common is that we respect each other’s feelings and will continue to deliver our activities together.

He then called out to fans, “I know there are many people who are anxious about the changing environment, but we are positive about the changes and grateful for the opportunity to be able to interact with each other, and we will continue our activities.” 

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