Leaving Park City? Sundance Seeks Proposal for Future Location

Leaving Park City? Sundance Seeks Proposal for Future Location

After almost 40 years in Park City, Utah, it’s possible that the Sundance Film Festival will be moved to another location. After the contract ends, the festival created by Robert Redford will be open to bids for a possible relocation to another city, According to Deadline.com.

On the other hand, the 2025 and 2026 festivals still being held in Park City, Sundance is considering renewing its 13-year-old deal with the expensive resort town if it offers a better option. Robert Redford, the founder and board president, approved opening the process now, with more than six months until any renewal with Park City was decided upon.

Sundance is putting out a Request for Information for interested U.S. hamlets and venues to try their hand at the snow, so to speak, starting 17th(Yesterday) and lasting until May 1. After selecting the most viable candidates, the RFI will be followed by a Request for Proposal process from May 7th to June 21st to evaluate other host locations, emphasizing inclusivity and sustainability. After that, a team from SFF will submit their recommendations to the Sundance Institute board under the leadership of Ebs Burnough for a final decision.

Amy Redford, who has taken up a bigger position at Sundance over the last decade as her 87-year-old father has taken a back seat, will be a part of the task force that evaluates bids and applications.

“We look forward to reviewing each proposal and working together with all of our potential collaborators to determine how we can collectively meet the needs of the independent film ecosystem and broader creative community,” Burnough said today. “We are in a unique moment for our Festival and our global film community, and with the contract up for renewal, this exploration allows us to responsibly consider how we best continue sustainably serving our community while maintaining the essence of the Festival experience,” added Eugene Hernandez, Sundance programming director.

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