Michael B. Jordan Developing Black Superman Limited Series for HBO Max

Michael B. Jordan Developing Black Superman Limited Series for HBO Max

Michael B. Jordan is in development on a Black Superman project with his production company, Outlier Society, for HBO Max, Collider is reporting. The project will focus on the Val-Zod incarnation of the character

Outlier Society has reportedly hired a writer who’s currently working on the script, but the company hasn’t revealed who the scribe is yet. The project is being penned as a limited series that Jordan will produce. However, the Emmy Award-nominated actor hasn’t commented on whether or not he will also star on the series.

Val-Zod was the second character to take on the role of Superman in DC’s New 52 era.

After he was orphaned following his parents’ execution by Krypton’s high court, Val was sent to Earth 2, an alternate universe of DC’s Prime-Earth. He was offered asylum on Earth 2, where he’s one of the last Kryptonians, in an effort to protect” him from the outside world.

The news of Jordan and Outlier Society’s limited series comes after the report that a Superman film reboot is being developed by producer J.J. Abrams at his production company, Bad Robot, for Warner Bros. The movie, which is expected to follow the Kal-El/Clark Kent version of the character, is being written by author and cultural critic, Ta-Nehisi Coates.

It’s believed that the feature will likely be directed by a Black filmmaker.

The filmmakers behind the movie have divulged their intention to cast a Black actor to play Clark Kent/Kal-El. While Jordan has worked with Warner Bros. on potentially developing a Black Superman film over the past few years, he recently downplayed rumors that he would star in the Bad Robot feature. The SAG Award-winning actor said, “I’m flattered that people have me in that conversation. It’s definitely a compliment, but I’m just watching on this one.

While Jordan has declined Warner Bros.’ offer to play Superman in the movie, he is currently working with the studio on developing a Static Shock feature. The actor-producer is also preparing to make his feature film directorial debut on Creed III.

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