Movie about Tetris Creator Starring Taron Egerton Coming from Matthew Vaughn

Movie about Tetris Creator Starring Taron Egerton Coming from Matthew Vaughn
Taron Egerton

One of the world’s most popular games is getting a feature film adaptation, but it’s not a live-action version of Tetris. Instead, it’s a story of the Dutch video game designer Henk Rogers, the person responsible for landing the rights to put Tetris on consoles, according to Collider. The focus on the film will be on the legal issues involved during the Cold War era over who actually owned the game. Computer programmer Alexey Pajitnov is credited as its inventor, inspired by his favorite puzzle board game, Pentominos. This film almost didn’t get made, until Matthew Vaughn understood the real story.

When Collider inquired about the rumored movie during an interview with Vaughn for his new film The King’s Man, he said: “I was sent the screenplay. I didn’t believe it. I was like, what moron came up with this idea, making a sort of a political Cold War thriller about Tetris? And then I got told everything happened and it was real. So then I went, ‘Okay, we better make the movie then. If this really did happen, let’s make it.’ Then I got to meet the characters in real life. You know, the Russian that invented Tetris, the crazy American that literally went behind the Cold War curtain and risked everything and stole the bloody thing and brought it back to America. I said, ‘this is a great, great original thriller.’ It’s sort of like imagine The Big Short meets Bridge of Spies. It’s sort of a crazy, unique story.”

There isn’t much else known about Tetris, but filming has apparently already wrapped. Jon S. Baird, who previously made Stan & Ollie and Filth, is directing and Taron Egerton, known for playing Elton John in the biopic Rocketman, will portray Rogers. With some additional photography left to do in early 2022, the film is currently slated to be released on Apple TV+ late next year, with Vaughn and Marv Films producing.

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