MoviePass Unveils Revamp Pricing Plans and Details for Return

MoviePass Unveils Revamp Pricing Plans and Details for Return

The MoviePass has officially announced the beta for its highly-anticipated revival, which was originally unveiled last year, the new business model promises to be more sustainable while still providing moviegoers with all the movies they could ever hope for and new features will improve the experience of the original.

With the beta opening up, MoviePass also fully unveiled the pricing plans for the revamped service as well as more details on how it all works. The original system was a godsend to users, allowing unlimited movie viewing at a shockingly low price $ 10 per month. That wasn’t at all sustainable, so the new system will be far more realistic with a tiered price system and a limit on how many movies can be seen depending on the plan.

So, Four plans will be available to all users when the app launches – Basic, Standard, Premium, and Pro which are currently set at $10, $20, $30, and $40, respectively.


The new service uses a specific credit system. Basic subscribers will receive 34 credits per month and are allowed 1-3 movies, while Pro subscribers will get 113 credits and can see as many as a film a day. with the credits required for sessions varying based on a number of factors like theater, location, time, day, and the film itself – a Marvel movie will always cost more than a smaller indie film for example. Leftover credits will also roll over into the next month, though they can’t exceed double the subscription amount. The new system remedies an issue with the original MoviePass that will allow subscribers to pay for any guests coming with them.

Co-founder Stacy Spikes tells the outlet the service is working on an unlimited plan: Users will pay credits to see specific movies, “We are already testing that in several markets. In at least two, the unlimited option is being tested. We do want to bring it back. We are testing an unlimited at different price levels to see where it works best.”

Just don’t expect another $10 unlimited movies option: “That will never happen again”, says Spikes with a laugh. All of the specifics of each plan are still subject to change as BETA testing continues. Plans and pricing are expected to normalise when the service reopens to the general public. No full date for that launch has been set as yet.

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