Netflix Acquires New ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ from Legendary Pictures

Netflix Acquires New ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ from Legendary Pictures

Forty-seven years after he first terrified audiences, Leatherface is returning for a direct sequel, which will now be distributed by Netflix.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has secured the rights to the upcoming film, which comes from director David Blue Garcia and Legendary Pictures. Elsie Fisher stars alongside Sarah Yarkin, Jacob Latimore, and Moe Dunford.

The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre was released in 1974 to mixed reviews for its extremely violent depiction of Leatherface, a cannibal whose deformed face is hidden by the skin of his victims. It has since gained cult status, and has spawned a franchise that includes sequels and prequels. This new film, however, will continue straight from the original, ignoring the many appearances Leatherface has made and instead reintroducing the character who, in this film, hasn’t been seen or heard from since the events depicted in the original film.

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Netflix and Legendary teamed up last year on Enola Holmes, another film fronted by a young actress, Millie Bobby Brown in this case, that proved very successful and already has a sequel in the works. Filming for the new film took place last year in Bulgaria.

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The film is written by Chris Thomas Devlin. Producers include Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues, who we recently interviewed for their work on Don’t Breathe 2, for Bad Hombre, and Kim Henkel, Ian Henkel, and Pat Cassidy for Exurbia Films.

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