Netflix, Mojang To Make Animated TV Series About ‘Minecraft’

Netflix, Mojang To Make Animated TV Series About ‘Minecraft’

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Netflix is joining with game studio Mojang in collaborating on an animated series for television inspired by the Minecraft franchise. News about the project was released this week as part of the anniversary festivities for the Minecraft sandbox game, which has become the best-selling video game of all time, having sold more than 230 million copies.

Jared Hess, who created Napoleon Dynamite, just finished directing a live-action Minecraft film, which recently completed production in New Zealand. The cast for the film, which debuts in April of 2025, includes Jason Momoa, Jack Black, Danielle Brooks, Sebastian Euge Hansen, Memma Myers, Jennifer Coolidge, Kate McKinnon, and Jemaine Clement.

According to press reports, the upcoming Minecraft series “will feature an original story with new characters that shows the Minecraft world in a new light.” Visuals will be provided by the WildBrain animation studio, which recently created a number of projects for Netflix, including Sonic Prime, Ninjago: Dragons Rising, Slugterra, and Carmen Sand.

Jon Berg, who produced the upcoming Minecraft movie, indicated the upcoming series would stay true to the essence of the popular game that inspired it. He was quoted by Screen Rant as saying: “That’s going to be an amazing movie, that’s going to be an amazing movie. We have all the resources. It’s a big Warner Brothers spectacular. We’ve got Jason Momoa and Jack Black in it. I think it’s going to inspire people. Minecraft’s such a cool game. My kids played it; I played it, it’s going to be true to the game. And Jared Hess directing is going to do an awesome job.”

Netflix is also making animated adaptations of other materials in its franchise, including Devil May Cry, Lara Croft, and Terminator. An anime adaptation of Grimm’s fairy tales, titled Grimm: Variations, was recently released.

Details about the plot of the new Minecraft film are being kept strictly confidential.

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