Neve Campbell Returns to ‘Scream’ Franchise and Kevin Williamson Set To Direct!

Neve Campbell Returns to ‘Scream’ Franchise and Kevin Williamson Set To Direct!

Horror Aficionado, get ready to be happy! A scream queen, Neve Campbell will be back as “Sidney Prescott” in Scream franchise, she announced her return in the upcoming seventh movie, Campbell posted on Instagram Tuesday.

In addition to Campbell’s return, “Scream” creator and writer Kevin Williamson is taking over as director of “Scream 7.” He wrote the first, second and fourth “Scream” movies, and executive produced the 2022 reboot “Scream” and its sequel “Scream 6.” Now, scream is back on top form.

Here’s what Williamson said, “It’s been nearly 30 years since my very first script, ‘Scream,’ was directed by the legendary Wes Craven,” Williamson wrote on Instagram. “I never would have predicted what it would become. Or that I would be directing the seventh installment of the franchise. I am overcome with gratitude and excitement, and I can’t wait to take this journey with Neve and the entire ‘Scream’ family as we bring back Sidney Prescott in the next chapter of the ‘Scream’ franchise. Thank you to all the ‘Scream’ fans. You are the gift that keeps giving.”

After returning in the 2022 reboot “Scream,” Campbell announced ahead of making “Scream 6” that salary that offered to he didn’t value her what she have brought to these franchise, and creator Williamson had been outspoken that they should offered more money to Campbell.

Campbell’s return comes after Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega, who starred in two previous “Scream” films, will not return for the seventh movie. Barrera was fired from “Scream 7” last year over social media posts on Israel. Shortly after, this news was posted that Ortega left “Scream 7” due to her schedule conflict with the second season of “Wednesday.”

Guy Busick, who wrote the fifth and sixth “Scream” films with James Vanderbilt, is taking over the screenwriting reins. Vanderbilt will continue to produce alongside his Project X Entertainment partners William Sherak and Paul Neinstein. The film collective Radio Silence, who directed and produced the previous two “Scream” films, will serve as executive producers.

“It’s always been such a blast and an honor to get to play Sidney in the ‘Scream’ movies. My appreciation for these films and for what they have meant to me, has never waned. I’m very happy and proud to say I’ve been asked, in the most respectful way, to bring Sidney back to the screen and I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

The “Scream” movies make up one of the bestselling horror franchises in history, with the first film – costarring Drew Barrymore, Courteney Cox and Rose McGowan – becoming a cultural reference point and inspiration for many horror films to follow.

The most recent installment, set in New York City, Made over $165 million at the box office globally in 2023. The franchise as a whole has raked in almost $580 million, according to Box Office Mojo.

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