‘No Time to Die’ Cary Fukunaga Accused of Sexual Harassment

‘No Time to Die’ Cary Fukunaga Accused of Sexual Harassment

Director Cary Joji Fukunaga has become the target of sexual-harassment accusations by several actresses he worked with on various film projects. In recent years Fukunaga garnered accolades for his direction of Jane Eyre and the 25th James Bond film No Time to Die, as well as the HBO series True Detectives.

Over the past week, three young women accused Fukunaga of engaging in unwanted “grooming” activities. The charges began flying when 23-year-old Rachelle Vinberg called out Fukunaga’s hypocrisy in posting a pro-women’s statement on Instagram.

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Fukunaga’s posting read:  “Meanwhile, in America, the Supreme Court is about to push us one one step closer to war with ourselves…by legitimizing a war against women’s rights.”

In response, Vinberg posted her own comment: “So he posted this today. And to it pisses me off cause he literally doesn’t care about women. He only traumatizes them. I’ve spoken to many girls. Fuck you Cary,” adding “I spent many years scared of him. Mans is a groomer and has been doin this shit for years. Beware women.”

In her own Instagram postings, titled “Cary part 1” and “Cary 2,” the actress and skater alleged that Fukunaga had begun the inappropriate relationship with her on a commercial shoot a few years back, shortly after she’d turned 18.

“He’d like tell me to pretend I was his cousin, or niece, or sister in front of other people,” she said in one of the videos she posted. “He later bragged to some people that he was the second person I’d ever been with,” she noted. Vinberg complained that “There are plenty of people that work for him that know that he’s a predator and they all talk about it amongst themselves behind his back. They all know, but they don’t do anything.”

Vinberg stated that she tried to connect with Fukunaga but he rebuffed her efforts to discuss these liaisons.

Two other women, the twin sisters Hannah and Cailin Loesch, have also alleged Fukunaga behaved inappropriately with them on the set of Netflix’s Maniac. On Twitter, they accused him of inviting them to spend time together in a threesome. Their allegations included accounts of the three dallying in a hot tub together, as well as an incident in Fukunaga’s New York flat where he molested one of the sisters and invited them to a drug-fueled weekend.

The Loesch sisters also posted a tweet of appreciation for the support they’ve been receiving: “It means more than you know and has validated our decision to speak up in spite of fear.

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Our DMs are always open and we want you to know that we are here for all of you, too.
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In October 2021, Raeden Greer accused Fukunaga of pressuring her into violating her contract by doing a topless scene for True Detective.

Fukunaga has not yet commented on any of the most recent allegations.

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