Paramount+ Sends ‘Fatal Attraction’ and ‘Rabbit Hole’ Down the Tubes

Paramount+ Sends ‘Fatal Attraction’ and ‘Rabbit Hole’ Down the Tubes

After just one season, Paramount+ is cancelling Fatal Attraction and Rabbit Hole, though both shows will remain on the streaming platform.

In a statement issued this week, the streamer said: “Fatal Attraction and Rabbit Hole will not be returning for second seasons on Paramount+. We want to thank both series’ entire creative teams, crews and the fantastic casts for their dedication to bringing these series to life. Both Fatal Attraction and Rabbit Hole will continue to be available on Paramount+ for audiences to discover.”

Fatal Attraction was a reboot of the psychosexual thriller from 1987 that originally starred Glenn Close and Michael Douglas. The Paramount+ version, which starred Lizzy Caplan and Joshua Jackson, did not win much critical acclaim, however. According to the official synopsis for the just-fatalized series: “In the present day, after serving 15 years in prison for the murder of Alexandra Forrest, Daniel Gallagher is paroled with the goals of reconnecting with his family and proving his innocence. In 2008, Dan first meets Alex and his world begins to unravel after their brief affair threatens to destroy the life he’s built with his wife, Beth.”

Other cast members of the just-cancelled series included Amanda Peel, Toby Huss, Brian Goodman, Alyssa Jirrels, Reno Wilson, and Craig DeLeon.

Rabbit Hole, which was produced in-house by CBS Studios, attracted more favorable reviews, but apparently not enough to prevent its cancellation as well. Just eight episodes of the series ran on Paramount+ from March 26 until May 7, with Kiefer Sutherland starring in the role of John Weir, described as “a master of deception in the world of corporate espionage, who is framed for murder by powerful forces with the ability to influence and control populations.”

Along with Sutherland, the cast of Rabbit Hole included Charles Dance, Meta Golding, Enid Graham, Rob Yang, Walt Klink, and Jason Butler Harner.

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