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Parasite TV Show Won’t Be a Remake But Will Be Set in the Same Universe

Even before Parasite shattered Oscar records to become the first foreign-language film to take home the Best Picture prize, a TV adaptation for HBO had been announced, prompting excitement and curiosity about what its subject matter would be. Now, writer Adam McKay has revealed some details after a conversation on Josh Horowitz’s Happy Sad Confused podcast and as reported by Collider. The most important takeaway is that the series will have a new storyline that exists in the same universe.

McKay said that, “It’s an original series. It’s in the same universe as the feature, but it’s an original story that lives in that same world. We’re just having the best time. We’ve just staffed up with an incredible writers’ room. I basically outlined the series with director Bong during the quarantine, with him overseeing.” McKay also noted that the pilot episode script is ready, though little other information is available about the show’s focus or the on-screen talent that will be involved.

This is the second film from director Bong Joon Ho to be brought to the small screen after TNT’s reimagining of 2013’s Snowpiercer, which is set in a future where Earth has frozen over and what remains of humanity lives aboard a constantly-moving train with serious class issues. The show, which recently completely its second season and has already been renewed for a third run, reframes the narrative but tells the same story. The better point of comparison for this upcoming show would likely be HBO’s 2019 version of Watchmen, which sets its events several decades after the plot of the 2009 film of the same name.

Parasite won over audiences by featuring the members of a poor family from South Korea who all manage to secure jobs in a wealthy household, and its exploration of the vast divide that exists between those who have and those who do not was presented in an intriguing and wryly clever way. This news from McKay confirms that the story told in the film will not be continued outright, but fans of the characters will likely be hoping for a cameo or connection that makes it clear why it is that this show lives in the same world.


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