Robin Accepts a Date with a Man in New Issue of ‘Batman: Urban Legends’

Robin Accepts a Date with a Man in New Issue of ‘Batman: Urban Legends’

Tim Drake, one iteration of Batman’s young sidekick Robin, is exploring his bisexuality in the latest issue of the comic book, Batman: Urban Legends.

In the August installment of the monthly anthology series, which was released on Tuesday, Tim accepts an invitation for a date from his old friend, Bernard, with whom he recently reunited, reported. “Yeah … yeah, I think I want that,” Tim replies when Bernard asks him out after Robin saves Bernard from the villain, the Chaos Monster.

CNN said the scope of Robin’s sexuality had not been directly addressed in the comic series before, although some versions of the character have had romances with women such as Stephanie Brown/Spoiler. “I love this character very much, and as I went back to reread as much as I could to do Robin justice, it became clear this is the story Tim needed to tell,” comic writer Meghan Fitzmartin said in an interview with Polygon about overtly depicting Tim/Robin as attracted to men as well as women.  “I wanted to pay tribute to the fact that sexuality is a journey,” she added. “However, Tim is still figuring himself out.”

The book’s illustrator Belén Ortega celebrated on Twitter the positive feedback the issue is getting. “It’s overwhelming all the comments and love I’m receiving from you guys, thanks for your support on my very first series with @DCComics. See you soon Tim!” Ortega tweeted, along with heart emojis and a rainbow flag. Other DC Comics characters who at times have been identified as members of the LGBTQ+ community include lesbian Kate Kane/Batwoman, bisexual Harley Quinn and transgender Victoria October.

NBC News said that if Robin is confirmed as bisexual, he would be DC Comics’ first out cisgender male hero. Batman: Urban Legends is a monthly anthology series that debuted earlier this year.

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