Schwarzenegger Blames Jason Reitman for ‘Triplets’ Termination

Schwarzenegger Blames Jason Reitman for ‘Triplets’ Termination

It now appears that there will be no Triplets sequel to Ivan Reitman’s 1988 comedy, Twins, in which Arnold Schwarzenegger played opposite Danny DeVito.

 A Triplets film had been talked about for the past quarter century, with Eddie Murphy slated to appear as the twins’ long-lost brother. Then Tracy Morgan was tapped to play the role when Murphy exited, but the project now seems to have been abandoned altogether, says Schwarzenegger, who is blaming Reitman’s son Jason for the situation.

Schwarzenegger was quoted in The Hollywood Reporter this week as saying: “Jason Reitman fucked it up! Jason Reitman literally stopped the project when his father died.

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His father wanted to do it really badly. I wanted to do it really badly. Danny DeVito wanted to do it really badly. We had the financing. When his father passed away, Jason says, ‘I never liked the idea’ and put a hold on it. I’m developing another movie with Danny; he’s so much fun to work with and so talented.”

Fans of Schwarzenegger can see him in his new action-comedy series, FUBAR, which debuts on Netflix on May 25. He’s also playing the role of the President in Kung Fury 2, an upcoming martial-arts comedy, with no release date yet announced. Also in the works is  Arnold, a three-part docuseries about the life of the performer, who took a break from his acting career to serve as governor of California.

Beginning in 1984, Schwarzenegger had starred in a number of episodes in The Terminator franchise, but the last one, Dark Fate, was a box-office failure after its 2019 release. Commenting on that debacle, the actor told The Hollywood Reporter: “The franchise is not done. I’m done. I got the message loud and clear that the world wants to move on with a different theme when it comes to The Terminator. Someone has to come up with a great idea. The Terminator was largely responsible for my success, so I always would look at it very fondly.
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The first three movies were great.
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Number four [Salvation] I was not in because I was governor. Then five [Genisys] and six [Dark Fate] didn’t close the deal as far as I’m concerned. We knew that ahead of time because they were just not well written.”

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