Stallone’s Mixed Feelings about ‘Rambo’ and ‘Rocky’ Prequels

Stallone’s Mixed Feelings about ‘Rambo’ and ‘Rocky’ Prequels

Sylvester Stallone thinks the long-anticipated prequels to Rambo and Rocky will definitely be made, but not quite how he had hoped.

Interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter, the 78-year-old Stallone said he had been hoping for a “Ken Burns” style version about the younger Rambo. Instead of this, he speculates, the upcoming prequel would focus on an older Rambo anointing a successor.

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As he told THR: “I wanted to do it like a Ken Burns documentary on Vietnam, where you drop young Rambo in there and he’s this outgoing guy, football captain, and then you see why he becomes Rambo. But what they want to do is a modern-day story where I pass the torch.

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That’s getting close.”

As for Rocky, Stallone thinks a prequel is “pretty close” now that Amazon is part of the mix, though he admits to some reservations: “There’s a side of me that goes: Is this really going to work? Every time you try to do Son of Kong, Son of Tarzan, it doesn’t work. There’s a certain indescribable formula that happens. If I gave you the novel The Godfather, good luck on casting that today. Good luck selling that whole premise today.”

Apart from his interest in the Rambo and Rocky picture shows, the veteran Stallone is still quite active in the cinemasphere. He’s appearing as an Oklahoma-based mob boss in Paramount’s upcoming The Tulsa King series. Stallone is also involved with Samaritan, the new superhero saga by Amazon Prime. All this in addition to lending his voice to the character of DC’s King Shark in an adaptation of James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. His next appearance on the big screen will be his role as Ravager Stakar Ogord in Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 3, set to debut on May 3, 2023.

But of course, Stallone is best known for his iconic roles as John Rambo and Rocky Balboa.
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He created the Rambo role in 1982, with First Blood, and as then starred in a number of sequels, including Rambo: Last Blood (2019), in which he battled Mexican drug cartels. That latter film, with its emphasis on violence and gore, did not match the box-office success of many of the earlier Rambo films, which were more character-driven, say some critics.

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