The Sundance Winning Director Nikyatu Jusu Will Direct the Sequel of Night of the Living Dead

The Sundance Winning Director Nikyatu Jusu Will Direct the Sequel of Night of the Living Dead

George A. Romero’s iconic 1968 zombie film, “Night of the Living Dead” will be resurrected as a sequel in a new franchise. 

Village Roadshow is putting this sequel together as a package to be presented at the upcoming American Film Market. They’ll be teaming up with Romero’s former wife Christine Romero who will be a creative overseer, along with Andrew Childs for Roy Lee’s Vertigo, and Jon Mone and Ryan Shimazaki for Westbrook Studios.

Nikyatu Jusu, who won the Sundance Grand Jury Prize for “Nanny” this year, has been set to direct while LaToya Morgan Nikyatu Jusu (“The Walking Dead”) will pen the script with details still under wraps, however it doesn’t appear to be just another sequel, the new film will expand on the premise of the original and revisit the Romero’s world.

The original “Night of the Living Dead” godfathered the flesh-eating zombie genre that has inspired countless horror films in Hollywood, the story tackles a deadly battle between seven men and women locked up in a house with a monster is nothing new, but Romero’s objective and cold-hearted direction and black-and-white screens create a sense of dread that is unparalleled.

The original version of “Night of the Living Dead” is still so resonant to this day,” Jusu said in a statement. “Every era has the zombie that it needs and right now, zombies reflect the ways that humans treat each other and show us who is truly the monster.”

Night of the Living Dead” is one of the great cornerstones of the horror genre.  I’m beyond thrilled to be playing in the sandbox that George Romero built and ecstatic to raise the stakes and push the envelope with this exciting new story,” Morgan said.

“I am so excited by this visionary team of storytellers that have come together to expand on the premise of the original film.  Revisiting the world that George and his collaborators created is going to be a treat for fans. George would have been so happy to see this happen!” Christine Romero, the former wife of the late filmmaker, said in a statement.

CAA Media Finance and Village Roadshow Pictures will co-rep U.S. rights, and FilmNation is handling international rights and will introduce the project to buyers at American Film Market.

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