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Todd Phillips Reportedly Returning to the Joker Series by Writing the Sequel

Todd Phillips, the co-writer-director behind the critically acclaimed original Joker movie, has reportedly signed on to return to the series to pen the script for its highly anticipated sequel for Warner Bros. The news comes after the filmmaker was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay for the first movie at last year’s Academy Awards with his co-scribe, Scott Silver.

Phillips’ return to the franchise has been announced by The Hollywood Reporter. However, it’s not yet known if Silver will also be returning to the franchise to help write the screenplay for the follow-up.

But Phillips’ confirmed return to pen Joker 2 suggests that he’ll also return to the director’s chair. Reprising his role as the helmer also seems likely, as he was also nominated for Best Director at many of the major awards ceremonies last year, including the Oscars, the BAFTAs and the Golden Globes.

The news of the Joker follow-up’s planned production with The Hangover trilogy’s writer-director comes after Warner Bros. announced multiple new independent DC film projects over the past year. Since the original movie is set outside of the main DCEU canon, Joker 2 is expected to continue its spin on the eponymous villain’s classic origin story and major differences in tone and style.

Joker garnered praise for Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of the titular DC supervillain, which led to him winning several major awards. He was honored with the Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Leading Role. His performance helped the drama bring in over $1 billion at the box office.

While the performer’s portrayal of the Joker’s alter ego, Arthur Fleck, is widely acclaimed, the psychological thriller’s overall story was also critiqued upon its release. Some audience members took issue with Phillips and Silver’s sympathetic portrayal of the title anti-hero’s turn to violence after he felt ostracized by society.

It’s not known if Joker 2 will contend with those criticisms, and if it will continue its unique connections between Joker and the Wayne family, or be a stand-alone story. It also hasn’t been reported when the second installment in the latest series about when the Clown Prince of Crime will be put into production, as Phillips has also signed on to pen, helm and produce a still untitled film about Hulk Hogan. But with the anticipation of the sequel’s production, details will surely be shared as its production continues.

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