Uniqlo Releases Fashion Line Celebrating Sofia Coppola’s Films

Uniqlo Releases Fashion Line Celebrating Sofia Coppola’s Films

Courtesy of Uniqlo 

The worlds of film and fashion converge in a new Uniqlo collection highlighting the movies of Sofia Coppola.

The Japanese retailer announced that it is commemorating Coppola’s films with a five-piece array of T-shirts and a canvas tote bag.

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The shirts, available in sizes XXS to XXL, are emblazoned with scenes and quotes from the filmmaker’s repertoire, including The Virgin Suicides, Marie Antoinette, Somewhere, and The Bling Ring.

One white tee shirt in the new array features the film poster from Marie Antoinette accompanied with the words “It’s not too much, is it?” Another shirt bears a film still from Somewhere and Jonny’s line “I’m sorry, what was the question?”

This is not the first time Coppola’s films have been linked with the fashion industry. The writer-director often collaborates with Chanel, the high-fashion firm she interned with as a teenager.

Coppola recreated Coco Chanel’s apartment at 31 rue Cambon for the firm’s runway show in spring/summer 2020. And in the 1990s she started her own fashion line, MilkFed, now being produced by a Japanese company. In 2021, Heaven released a capsule collection inspired by The Virgin Suicides.

In a statement accompanying the Uniqlo announcement, Coppola was quoted as saying: “I am so happy to have this project celebrating my work and hope people will enjoy the t-shirts as a token of the films that are so much a part of my life. They are a great reminder of the collaborators I worked with and the creative experience we shared.

I like to wear t-shirts of artists and musicians who I love, and in the same way wish for them to mean something to someone who likes my work. I always like how a T-shirt can connect you to other people who like the same thing you do.”

Sofia Coppola’s latest project involves her work with Priscilla, a new biopic based on Priscilla Presley’s memoir Elvis and Me.

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