‘Emmanuelle’ Trailer: An Erotic Quest in Audrey Diwan’s Adaptation of Famous French Novel

© Chantelouve – Rectangle Productions – Goodfellas – Pathé

Audrey Diwan is continuing her filmmaking career after winning the Golden Lion for Happening by adapting Emmanuelle Arsan’s novel ‘Emmanuelle’. Pathé has dropped a new trailer which takes viewers into the character’s search for pleasure. In Hong Kong, the lead character’s quest to find intimacy and pleasure is explored through a woman’s perspective.

The adaptation is loosely based on Emmanuelle Arsan’s novel of the same name. Emmanuelle (Noémie Merlant) initiates several encounters and meets Kei (Will Sharpe), a man who keeps evading her. I Diwan’s film is the second adaptation of the novel, the first being made in 1974, Just Jaeckin. The original film was a cult favorite, resulting in a number of spin-offs and imitators.

The trailer starts with Emmanuelle on a flight that is presumably headed for Hong Kong. She repositions the hem of her skirt, which has gone up to expose her thighs. She rises and goes to the washroom, closing the door behind her as the only other passenger on the plane stares with longing eyes.

“Tell me something. What goes on in the head of a person in front of a closed door when they don’t know if they’re wanted? Not knowing if they open the door if they’re transgressing or fulfilling someone else’s desire,” her voice poses a question.

Diwan serves as director for a script she co-wrote with Rebecca Zlotowski. The film features Merlant, a French actress who is most recognized for her role in the award-winning film Portrait of a Lady on Fire. Sharpe (Giri/Haji, The White Lotus) plays Kei, a man who entices Emmanuelle with his desire, but she is unable to get him. Naomi Watts (Divergent, The Impossible) also stars alongside Jamie Campbell Bower, Chacha Huang and Anthony Wong.

Chantelouve, Rectangle Productions, and Goodfellas produced the film. Pathé will distribute the film, Emmanuelle in France on September 25 after its world premiere at The San Sebastián Film Festival on Sep 20.


© Chantelouve – Rectangle Productions – Goodfellas – Pathé

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